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Tua Tagovailoa, the Dolphins’ quarterback, is ‘excited’ about his probable start against the Steelers on Sunday

Miami’s offense suffered during Tua Tagovailoa’s two-game absence, and the Dolphins will be pleased to replace the vacuum in Week 7 with their regular starter.

On Wednesday, Tagovailoa stated that he was simply pleased to be back playing. Tagovailoa is getting ready to play this Sunday for the Dolphins against the Pittsburgh Steelers after missing several weeks as a result of the concussion he had on September 29.

In his first press conference with the media since his injury, Tagovailoa remarked on Wednesday, “I’m just incredibly pleased that I can prepare and play this Sunday.” Everyone is eager to face off against the Steelers, who are a highly talented squad, I believe.

Following an improbable victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last weekend in which the Steelers limited the Buccaneers to only 18 points, Pittsburgh is continuing on a roll. The Dolphins anticipate scoring more goals than their neighbors from the Sunshine State did at Acrisure Stadium now that Tagovailoa is back in the lineup.

Given that Tagovailoa hasn’t played since suffering a concussion in Miami’s Week 4 defeat to Cincinnati on September 29, it’s hardly a guarantee. The Dolphins were forced to start Teddy Bridgewater and youngster Skylar Thompson at that period, and they lost both game by a total score of 64-33. Tagovailoa, who last Saturday passed the league’s concussion protocol, had nothing to do during that time but watch his teammates struggle.

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There are things you can do in the locker room to keep the men engaged, inspired, and upbeat, according to Tagovailoa. “But it’s awful. I want to be out there with the boys as a competitor. I want to be able to support my teammates on the field and aid in victories. I could only observe that dreadful emotion from a distance.”

As he lay on the field at Cincinnati’s Paycor Stadium with his concussion alarming everyone around him, Tagovailoa was questioned about it. Due to his injuries, Tagovailoa claimed on Wednesday that he doesn’t fully remember what occurred.

“I wouldn’t say it was alarming for me at the moment since I was unconscious,” Tagovailoa explained. “I couldn’t figure out what was going on.” So, when I awoke and realized what was going on, what was occurring, I didn’t consider anything long-term or short-term. I was simply wondering what had occurred.

“I recall the entire night up until the moment where I was tackled, but after that, I don’t remember anything.” I don’t recall being dragged away. But I recall what happened in the ambulance and when I got at the hospital.”

Tagovailoa also expressed gratitude for the community’s support following his injury.

“I’d want to thank my neighbors who reside in the community where I live,” he remarked. “They were really courteous and kind to make some things.” They brought notes from their children. Their children would bring over candy, baked goods, and coloring materials. That was really fantastic, in my opinion. I could feel the support, and so could my family.”

The Dolphins are hoping to keep Tagovailoa safe from future injury

It’s a concentration that means more than the team’s 3-3 record, though they’d probably acknowledge that when Tagovailoa is on the field, they’re in the greatest position to win.

To that end, the Dolphins are emphasizing the necessity of passing on plays when the possibility of success is not worth Tagovailoa’s risk.

“I spoke with him much earlier than this week. “There are dangers in this game, and you have to be able to handle the controllables,” Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel said Monday. “You love his competitive mentality, but there are times in a game when you have to kind of yield, and that’s where he’s kind of been concentrating because it’s not something that comes naturally to him.” He strives to break every tackle and dislikes when plays fail. They don’t always do that.

“So this is something that he is cognizant of, and I believe that all the truly great quarterbacks that you can think of, the players that you look up to, the guys who set the standard for how to play the position, find ways to be available. Part of this is due to the concession, but all things considered, it’s a nice problem to have in terms of a rival. You must just comprehend your significance to the team and the fact that sometimes the finest play you can make is a throwaway.”

After six weeks, Miami is nowhere close to throwing away its season. In his first game back this weekend, Tagovailoa will attempt to get the team back on track.

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